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Modulus is more than just a gaming system. It’s a new way of thinking about gaming systems, a new type of partner for the gaming industry and a new way of working. We are a radically customer-centric business committed to working proactively and collaboratively with our customers to keep evolving what Modulus can do for them.
Our people are passionate about unlocking the full potential of our platform for every customer. We know from our long experience in the industry that a feature set that sounds flashy and impressive today can quickly feel limiting and obsolete tomorrow. That’s why we’ve designed our company and culture around long-term partnership. Our technology adapts to each customer’s specific needs and circumstance, to give those customers what they need now and, to make it easy to keep giving them what they need in the future.


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with cross business & guest centric added value servicees


Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Regulatory compliance are key to running a licensed and Socially Responsible Gaming operation. We work with all the Industry Testing houses and implement intelligent software tools to help you stay compliant.

Modulus operates worldwide.
With offices and staff located
in EMEA, LAC and APAC.