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Agile, Open, Simple,
Customer Centric

Modulus is more than just a gaming system. It’s a new way of thinking about gaming systems, a new type of partner for the gaming industry and a new way of working. We are a radically customer-centric business committed to working proactively and collaboratively with our customers to keep evolving what Modulus can do for them. Our people are passionate about unlocking the full potential of our platform for every customer. We know from our long experience in the industry that a feature set that sounds flashy and impressive today can quickly feel limiting and obsolete tomorrow. That’s why we’ve designed our company and culture around long-term partnership. Our technology adapts to each customer’s specific needs and circumstance, to give those customers what they need now and, to make it easy to keep giving them what they need in the future.



means we always focus on the highest priorities of our customers and we are able to change focus quickly when required.


means we are looking at bringing solutions to our customers which goes beyond our own products by integration with 3rd party products.


means we believe that simplicity is key for customer success i.e. powerful features doesn’t have to be complex but be easly usable by all.


means we always focus on our customers first whether it is to build new features, enhance new features or deliver expected services.

Casino industry veteran and entrepreneur, Willy de Bruyn is the President of Modulus and heads our leadership team. That team includes decades of experience in the systems space and in-depth knowledge of the GALAXIS and SYSTEM2go systems:

  • Chief Operating Officer Marc Attal comes with 30 years’ experience of the systems industry that includes recent roles as COO at Ludi SFM and Managing Director at Atronic;

  • Chief Financial Officer Frederic Bonafous has spent 25 years as the CFO of Atronic Systems;

  • Chief Experience Officer Bruno Ozenda comes with 30+ years of experience in the software industry and with 20+ years in Casino Systems as Director of Technology and Product Management;

  • Director of Sales and Marketing Fivos Polymniou is IGT’s former Sales Director for Systemsand had several other experiences as an industry leader.


Modulus operates worldwide.
With offices and staff located
in EMEA, LAC and APAC.